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Few would argue with the importance for any company to have a reliable and functional IT infrastructure. But this is even more crucial for companies working in the financial sector because the quality of services these companies provide directly depends on the quality of IT systems they use.

BELTEL has had extensive experience creating modern information infrastructure for financial companies. Networks and systems created by our engineers help financial companies improve productivity, reduce expenses, and maximize returns by establishing effective communication channels between employees. We have also designed and built contact centers for clients in the financial sector.

Our clients are leading international financial companies including Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, Raiffeisen Bank, HSBC, BSGV, and Nordea Bank. 

Success stories


Raiffeisenbank is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG. The bank has been operating in Russia since 1996 offering a full range of services to retail and corporate customers, both resident and non-resident. It is widely regarded as one of the most stable and reliable banks operating in Russia and it has consistently enjoyed high ratings from rating companies.

A few years ago in an attempt to strengthen its position as one of the leading universal banks on the Russian market, the company decided to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its contact center. In a competitive bid, Raiffeisenbank chose BELTEL for the job. Our solution was to install Altitude uCI, an automatic system for predictive dialing, which enables automatic dialing and significantly increases the utilization of telephone operator staff by minimizing the time that they wait between conversations. The new system has allowed the bank to keep operator staff utilized for more than 95% of their time, increasing labor efficiency by almost 30% and reducing idle time to less than 5%.

Praising the new system, Head of the Collection Division Tomas Kouchera said, "Thanks to the introduction of Altitude technology we have been able to increase our efficiency and achieve excellent and tangible results."

Corporate Telecommunications Network for Deloitte

We have been working with Deloitte since 2004 when BELTEL was chosen as a subcontractor for a project to modernize the corporate communications network of Deloitte's head office a project that went a long way to cementing a trust-based relationship between the two companies. In the following years, BELTEL performed a comprehensive overhaul of all communications systems in Deloitte's regional offices, built several on-site communication networks, and redesigned Deloitte's corporate system to include new branches. Altogether we implemented over 20 different projects at nine offices of the company across Russia and the former Soviet Union.

At present, BELTEL provides complex service maintenance of Deloitte's telecommunications infrastructure on a contractual basis. Our specialists work in Deloitte's head office in Moscow and are actively engaged in the centralized control and administration of Deloitte's communications system. We provide 24-hour customer support for Deloitte's employees including swift response to all technical inquiries. Our service frees up Deloitte's employees allowing them to focus on areas that are strategically important to the company' business.