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Almazov Medical Centre

As part of the federal telemedicine network in Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre of Russian Ministry of Health, the Telemedicine Consultation Centre has been established for the following tasks:

  • emergency, urgent and routine consultations of medical institutions specialists throughout Russian Federation with the use of telemedicine technologies;
  • carrying out video and audio training seminars, lectures on the profiles of the Centre, the best practices and health information exchange between healthcare professionals;
  • maintaining up to date information databases on the profiles of the Centre;
  • participating in conference calls, remotely conducted by the Russian Ministry of Health .

Almazov Center.jpg

Multimedia equipment installation has been made by BELTEL for Federal telemedicine consulting center of Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre of Russian Ministry of Health. The installation included full project cycle from the solutions development to system commissioning and integration with existing multimedia infrastructure of the agency.

The result is the creation of the telemedicine consulting center, which includes both negotiation zone for eight seats, which is equipped with video conferencing system able to conduct remote meetings. In addition six consulting physicians` workplaces are intended for telemedicine consultations and participation in video conferences with attending physicians or multidisciplinary case management team.

Almazov Center_2.jpg

Сonsulting physicians` workplaces are also equipped with document cameras with built-in lightbox for displaying X-ray images, slides and negatives, which allows the exchange of necessary information.

According to the progress report of Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre, for the first nine months of Centre operation, 1452 remote consultations for medical institutions of all regions of Russia has been carried out.