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BIN Insurance

The 1st Insurance Company (now BIN Insurance) provides 55 kinds of insurance services for companies and persons. The company has large branch network which involves 51 regions of Russia and includes 51 branch offices, 35 agencies and 30 sale offices in Moscow region.

As the company has a wide branch network and the main objective is to achieve effective communication between workers from different cities:

  • Different types of communications between employees, improvement of the communication speed such as well transferred volumes of data
  • Expansion of existing opportunities and supplement of new communication services to Customer IT infrastructure
  • Opportunity of distant learning for remote offices’ employees.

Our company as one of the leading system integrator was chosen for decision of these challenges. We have done all steps of the project: assess the problems of customer, audit of existing IT infrastructure, design, implementation new system (on the base of Microsoft Lync) and integration with existing infrastructure.