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Alrosa meeting room.jpgALROSA is the Russian state-owned mining company and the leader of raw diamond mining sector. The conference-hall of ALROSA administrative building is actively used for holding different conferences, seminars and meetings, mainly with regional branches of company. For the purpose of organization of these meetings it has been decided to create a multimedia system complex, which shall support high quality audio and video accompaniment as well as different forms of individual and shared work in the hall. BELTEL company, with almost 20 years of successful collaboration with ALROSA and deep expertize in IT solutions field became the system integrator.

The task for BELTEL was to build a highest quality multimedia system with the following functions:

  • displaying of the highest resolution and quality information via optimally chosen display devices;
  • multiwindow output of information to main and auxiliary display devices from different heterogeneous sources;
  • opportunity of presentation management by the system operator;
  • organization of video and tele conferences;
  • sound amplification of speech and audio sources;
  • documentation of events held in hall and creation of an electronic archive system;
  • easy management of the system through single user-friendly interface;
The tasks set within the project, has been successfully solved. The system built by BELTEL includes:
  • Information displaying subsystem
  • Information sources subsystem
  • Sounding subsystem
  • Videoconference subsystem
  • Conference subsystem
  • Switching subsysem
  • Integrated management subsystem
The complex also includes the simultaneous interpreting system for two languages. The implemented multimedia complex satisfies to all ALROSA requirements, allowing to hold a wide list of events at the high level.


Since its inception, BELTEL has been working closely with major international industrial companies operating in Russia and the former Soviet Union. One example of our work in this area is a project we completed for two subsidiary companies of ArcelorMittal, the world's leading steel and mining company ArcelorMittal KryvyiRih in Ukraine and ArcelorMittal Temirtau in Kazakhstan.

The project had two main goals, to create a reliable VoIP-based communications system and to integrate various voice communications systems with industrial communications systems used by ArelorMittal Corporation as well as Unified Communications solutions. The project involved tearing down old automatic telephone stations, standardizing caller service, centralizing management and monitoring of all solution components, and providing a single platform for operator communications. To ensure the smooth operation of voice communications systems, our engineers also designed and installed systems for stable power supply, climate control, and remote monitoring of equipment.