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Data Centers

Data Centers

By the present moment almost any business is facing challenges that require multiple IT-services. This can be: e-mail, data storage, database operation, financial transaction services, security solutions, etc. All these services need a reliable platform to operate, which must meet all the requirements for the IT environment. The possible solutions of this problem are: building a private data center, services deployment in a remote datacenter, computing facilities rental (IaaS - Infrastructure as a service) and using cloud services (SaaS - Software as a service).

Our company provides a complete set of solutions that a modern datacenter require:

  • Engineering systems, cabling power and communications solutions, UPS devices, cooling and fire alarm systems
  • Supply and commissioning activities for computing systems, data storage devices, network equipment, CCTV systems, building management systems and all other low current systems
  • Supply, launch and technical support of virtualization, backup and other system software
  • Existing IT infrastructure audit and upgrade design.